About us

Helena Botelho Jewelry Outlet - it’s your online jewelry store thought and built in a direct line between the producer and consumer. Due to that, we are able to practice very attractive prices and have many pieces for every taste.

Company Data

Maria Helena Soares Aguiar Botelho
NIF -  108425304

History / Biography

I started this business in the early 90’s: the economy was growing, constantly, and I decided to open my first Jewelry store. The business was going well and I was mainly working with high prices jewelry. However, when the economy started decreasing, I had to adjust my knowledge, experience, jewelry and business to a new market. I wanted to keep the superior quality but with lower prices. So the idea was born: Helena Botelho Jewelry Outlet. In the beginning, I started with a few pieces, designed by me. Quickly the new business started growing and I realized I could produce pieces with a superior quality, incredible beauty and very low prices. At the same time came my first website and facebook page and as I became closer to my customers and followers, the business started growing.

Nowadays, I want to keep spreading beauty around the world with my jewelry and I hope that together we can reach even further.

Helena Botelho